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Rates & Information

Bike Sizing Guide

Bike Sizing Chart – Adult Cruiser

Bike Sizing Chart – Children

Warning: Although our staff is prepared to advise and recommend sizes, parents and/or guardians are ultimately responsible for the safety and well being of their child. Finding the right size bicycle for your child (and yourself) can make a significant difference in the overall experience and safety during your rental period. For the best fit, visit the rental yard to get the correct size bicycles.

Delivery Charges

Note: When proceeding through the shopping cart process, you will come to a dialogue box which asks for your “shipping address”. Please use your home/billing address in this dialogue box. We understand that we will not be shipping your bikes to your home. You will be asked for your accommodations later in the process. 
Thanks.   Billy’s Rentals

! As of January 1, 2007 all deliveries to Sanibel will be charged a $10.00 delivery fee. All orders to Captiva will be charged a $20.00 delivery fee.

! Multi-Day Rentals require $50 deposit for entire order, redeemable upon return of all equipment (Orders utilizing delivery/pickup services do not require a deposit).


Child Seats are $2.00 per day and $10.00 per week.The weight limit for the Child Seats is 35lbs.Helmets and locks are Free with rentals.

The following rates are for walk-in’s and telephone reservations. 

RESERVE ON-LINE 24 hours a day.

Bike Rentals

Bicycle Rentals1hr2hr4hr1 day2 day3 day1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wkext day
Single-Speed  1220283550901301708
Multi-Speed  152536456512017523011
Hybrid  183045608015523030515
Recumbent  2530486510019028037018
Trike 21-Speed  2530486510019028037018
Tandem  3050759013025538050525
Trail-A-Bike  1220283550901301708
Trailer (1-2 Kids)  152536456512017523011
Weehoo without bike  183045608015523030515
Adult Trike  183045608015523030515
Surrey 2-Passenger25457011021026046096014601960100
Surrey 4-Passenger356590150275350600122518502475125
Child Seat without bike   510153055801055

The weight limit for our Child Seat is 35lbs.
Helmets and locks are FREE with rentals.