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Ladies’ single speed bike w/ Baby Trailer

Starting at: $80.00

3 Days = $80.00
4 Days = $99.00
1 Week = $115.00
2 Weeks = $210.00
3 Weeks = $305.00
4 Weeks = $400.00

Bike Size * 

Helmet Size * 

Billy Rental’s recommend helmets for all riders. State law says anyone under the age of 16 must wear a helmet. 1 lock for 3 bikes.

Additional Helmets



Most “ladies” bikes are now manufactured in a unisex frame which has the bar a little higher than a standard ladies frame and is considered respectable for both men and women alike. Men who have a problem throwing a leg over the high bar of a men’s frame bike (from knee or back surgery, etc.) would find a unisex frame easier to mount, and men who are less than 5’5″ tall might also want the 17″ frame rather than the standard 19″ men’s frame.

  • 14″ frame (26″ wheel)-  this unisex single-speed is a smaller adult style “traditional ladies” frame
    4′ feet (120cm) and 5′ feet (150cm) in height.
  • 17″ frame (26″ wheel) – our standard-sized Unisex “traditional ladies” frame for riders
    5′ feet (150cm) to 5”6″ (170cm) in height.

With these baby trailers, nobody gets left out from the biking fun. Attaches to any adult bike (except bikes with trail-bike, or tandems.) We offer a few different styles, and these units can carry 1 or 2 children with a total weight limit of 90 pounds (bike helmets are required on children in trailers).

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