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Men’s single speed bike w/ Trail-A-Bike

Starting at: $70.00

3 Days = $70.00
4 Days = $86.00
1 Week = $100.00
2 Weeks = $180.00
3 Weeks = $260.00
4 Weeks = $340.00

Bike Size * 

Helmet Size * 

Billy Rental’s recommend helmets for all riders. State law says anyone under the age of 16 must wear a helmet. 1 lock for 3 bikes.

Additional Helmets



These large “beach cruiser” style bikes come with wider wheels, larger padded seats; handlebars at natural height (no “hunching over”), coaster brakes. Also features a front basket and quick release seat adjustments.

  • 19″ frame (26″ wheel) – Medium traditional frame (men’s) for riders
    5′ 6″ (167cm) to 6′ (183cm) in height.
  • 21″ frame (26″ wheel) – Large traditional frame (men’s) for riders
    6′ (183cm) to 6′ 5″ (195cm) in height.
  • 23″ frame (26″ wheel) –  XLarge Traditional frame (men’s) for riders
    6′ 5″ (195cm) + in height.

Here’s a “child’s portion” of a bike that can be attached to any adult bike (except bikes with trailers, baby-seats, 15″ bikes, or racks on the back, and we do not attach them to tandems) to create an adult/child tandem. It has a freewheel which means that the adult controls the speed and braking, and the child does not have to pedal if they get tired. This is a good option for kids currently using training wheels (up to age 8). The Trail-A-Bike enables young riders to travel farther, and it’s safer because the adult controls the steering and braking.

Product images are for illustration only. The actual products may vary slightly.

Trail-A-Bikes can only be fitted onsite at Billy’s Rentals. We suggest you rent a combo bike and Trail-A-Bike from Billy’s Rentals or.